“The chief end of man is to worship God and to enjoy Him forever.”
Westminster Catechism

W orship is at the heart of our relationship with God both as individuals and as a community. In worship we focus on God by receiving a Word grounded in the Bible, prayer and supplication, regular observance of the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, giving of our tithes and offerings, and the expressions of music and the arts. At Bright Hope, our worship expresses who we are as God’s children on this earth and it reflects the richness of the African-American religious, cultural and musical experience.

The purpose of worship is to create a place where there is sacred communication with God and spiritual fellowship with His believers. We believe that worshipping our Lord will release the power, the pathway and the purpose of all He wants to do in our individual lives and in His church. By uplifting the magnificent and matchless name of Jesus Christ, we seek to create a space where a relationship with God can be rekindled, minds can be expanded, life experiences can be challenged, hearts can be touched, spirits can be uplifted and souls can be saved!


A Bright Hope Worshipper is . . .

  • Open to the movement of the Holy Spirit
  • Believing that God has a message to be received
  • Participating in the inward and outward expression of praise
  • Committed to spiritual growth
  • Coming armed with God’s Holy Word
  • Prepared to give tithes and offerings
  • Joyful, hopeful and expecting God’s presence
  • Ready to embrace others in need of healing
  • Courteous, hospitable and kind
  • Respectful of God’s temple—our Church building