What does it mean to be a Member of Bright Hope?

James 1:22 reads, “But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only…”  We take this scriptural instruction seriously by demonstrating our commitment to Christ and His church in the following manner:

Commitment to Attending Bible Study: Personal Spiritual Growth (Philippians 2:12)
Bright Hope Baptist Church is dedicated to providing the environment and instruction necessary for our parishioners to grow in Christ as a member of our congregation.  As well, we equip our membership with the tools to mature in their respective spiritual walks.  We provide a variety of Bible study classes, prayer and meditation services, Christian-centered counseling, and worship services in order to empower our congregants to grow in their individual faith journey.
Commitment to Service: Ministry (Matthew 23:11)
Bright Hope Baptist Church has over 29 viable ministries that address a full range of spiritual, psychological, health, intellectual, socio-economic, as well as political needs and issues affecting the African-American community.  These ministries provide every parishioner the opportunity to be nurtured spiritually and practically, endowing them with the tools and the occasion to strengthen their families and our community. Serving our congregation and our community is noble; serving them through ministry is essential.
Commitment to Giving: Tithing (Malachi 3:10)
Bright Hope Baptist Church, just like any house, has to be maintained.  But unlike any house- this house belongs to God and God’s people.  For this house to continue to feed thousands of families, provide suitable housing for our seniors, educate our children, administer community-wide health screenings, host major forums and workshops about issues relevant to our community, and be a place for all to experience the love, power, and salvation of Christ, we need continued support. Our fellowship is primarily supported by the biblical principle of tithing.  At Bright Hope we love to tithe.  We cheerfully give God ten percent (10%) of the financial blessings God has given so graciously to us. By your tithing, Bright Hope will continue to do great things through Jesus Christ.