“…whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave—just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”
Matthew 20:26-28 (Words of Christ)

Arc of Safe Haven HIV Ministry
The Arc of Safe Haven HIV Ministry’s mission provides support for people with or affected by HIV/AIDS. We also offer counseling and HIV testing in a Christ centered environment while attempting to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS through education.
Sis. T. Carolyn Rye

Business Owner’s Ministry
The Business Owner’s Ministry (BOM) mission is to creatively and passionately foster and support the growth of ethically and spiritually based business ownership within the Bright Hope church family.
Sis. Vandelyn Leach, rsvpproductions@aol.com

Christian Action Commission Ministry
The Christian Action Commission Ministry engages in activities in and out of Bright Hope that empowers the membership and community to grow spiritually, socially and politically.
Sis. Gwendolyn Carter, gcarj2000@yahoo.com

Family Focused Ministry
The Family Focused Ministry mission is to support the development and sustaining of strong healthy Christian families. This is achieved through family-centered activities. These activities will focus on fellowship, education, worship and outreach as a means of attracting and retaining committed families to our congregation.
Sis. Edna Funderburk, 215-232-4435, efunderburk@verizon.net

Helping Hand Ministry
The Helping Hand Ministry strives to bring purpose and meaning to the lives of Senior Citizens. Our goal is to nurture them and offer a place where they will feel comfortable to express unmet needs and receive assistance for them. We are also available to assist other church ministries with special outreach needs and in performing their missions.

Hospitality Ministry
The Hospitality Ministry’s mission is to make members and visitors feel welcome and comfortable while worshiping at Bright Hope Baptist Church. We let our Christian Spirit shine, generating the essence that we are a friendly church who appreciates our visitor’s presence and thereby encouraging them to return or become future members.
Sis. Glenda Hicks, Acting President 215-878-3546, gldahi830@aol.com

Junior & Young Adult Usher Board Ministry
The Youth Usher Board Ministry in emulation of the Senior Board of Ushers endeavors to welcome and empower the Bright Hope members and visitors alike to feel a sincere sense of comfort when entering through the doors of God’s house.
Sis. Icy Birch-Jackson, icy.birch@prudential.com

Marriage Enrichment Ministry
The Marriage Enrichment Ministry is designed to give married couples the opportunity to examine God’s perspective on marriage and to enhance their individual marriages to their fullest potential; and to provide an outreach ministry to married couples in the church and in the community.
Patricia Thompson, President, careyt.patty1324@yahoo.com

Mary Gray Women’s Ministry
The mission of the Mary Gray Women’s ministry is to uplift and enrich the lives of women spiritually, emotionally and physically and to provide support and resources for a better life.
Deacon Carolyn Harper: 484-767-4277 cchrpr2@aol.com

Missionary Ministry
The Missionary Ministry is actively involved, dedicated and committed to the building of God’s Kingdom through the study of his word and rendering service through both home and foreign missions. We are actively involved in the work of the church which is described as “Outreach Activities.”
Sis. Allie Jackson, alljcksn@aol.com

Nurses Ministry
The Nurses Unit Ministry consists of volunteers who are trained in the healthcare field. They are available to administer compassionate healthcare assistance to the congregation during service and when ever they are on site.
Sis. Faith Thomas-Foster, killingmesoftly54@msn.com

Pastor’s Aide Ministry
The mission of the Pastor’s Aide Ministry is to service our Pastor and ministers in their functions of servicing our congregation. Duties include making sure water, mints etc. are available in the pulpit during services; arrange the cleaning of the Pastor’s robe and keeping the Pastors office and bathroom stocked with clean towels.
Bro. Richard Young , richyoung626@gmail.com

Prayer Band Ministry
The Prayer Bands mission is to lift the church and Pastor up in prayer while praying for the lost souls of the world. This achieved through Early Sunrise services and weekly prayer meetings at the church.
Sis Bessie Robinson

Pulpit Circle Ministry
The Pulpit Circle Ministry with the help of the Holy Spirit seeks to assist the church with supporting the Pastor and ministerial staff by providing spiritual, financial and physical support for the development of God’s Kingdom. We work with the homeless and children groups and continue our outreach with the sick and shut-in members. This achieved through correspondence by keeping them informed and uplifted. We also interface with the other ministries by assisting with our support. This is manifested through service to the congregation and the community.
Sis. Mamie Roberts , 267-278-0457, ceceliamartin@msn.com

Reapers Ministry
The mission of the Reapers Ministry is to assist the church in ministering to the members of the congregation and the community who are in need of assistance. While our focus is on helping he home-less men and woman of our community, we contact our sick and shut-in members on a monthly basis and strive to be a Beacon of Light for lost souls.
Sis. Gloria Kennerson, 215-492-1253, kkg000@msn.com

Sankofa Ministry
The Sankofa Ministry’s mission is characterized by Wisdom, Example and Experience to its members, Sankofa’s mission with the help of the Holy Spirit is to exemplify Godly wisdom, set a Godly example with our lives and conduct and to learn and share what is profitable from our life experience. The mission for it’s members is to live out our faith as directed by the word of God (the Bible) and explore the important dynamics of faith development within the lay leadership of our congregation. Sankofa will also provide additional guidance in service, mission and fellowship for the benefit of the adult 40+ member.
Sis. Edoris Lomax, 267-679-3793, exloma@aol.com

Scholarship Ministry
The scholarship Ministry encourages and supports the educational advancement of the members of Bright Hope Baptist Church and its community. We minister to the needs of our church and community by providing financial aid information and assistance, offering educational resources, counseling, tutoring and support. We acknowledge and honor all levels of educational achievement while contributing to the enhancement of other church and community education endeavors.
Dr. Deirdre Childs, 267-266-6881 dlgc204@aol.com

Seasoned Saints Ministry
The Seasoned Saints mission is to promote and enrich fellowship among members of the ministry and the Seasoned Saints of Bright Hope Baptist Church.
Sis. Geraldine Jackson, Jackson.gerri24@verizon.net

Usher Board & Ladies Auxiliary Ministries
The Usher Board & Ladies Auxiliary endeavors to welcome and empower Bright Hope members and visitors alike to feel a sincere sense of comfort when entering through the doors of God’s house.
Bro. Albert Wilkins, wilkins7422@aol.com
Sis. Sherell Hamilton Corres. Secty

William H. Gray III Men’s Ministry
The William H. Gray III Men’s Ministry is designed to explore the important dynamics of faith development within the male leadership of the congregation. The Men’s ministry provides information as each member develops in spirituality, service, mission and ministry.
Bro. Matthew Shippen, matshippen@netzero.com

Willing Workers Ministry
The Willing Workers Ministry is dedicated to the love and care of the church and to provide support whenever their assistance is needed. We assist in the church office for one hour each Sunday morning by answering phones, questions and keeping order in the office for the ministerial staff. We also offer inspiration to those who are sick and shut-in through visits and cards. The Willing Workers are willing to work whenever God calls us.
Sis. Mary W. Parker, mwparker@att.net

Youth Ministry
Youth Ministry at Bright Hope is comprised of several ministries geared towards uplifting, educating, inspiring, and teaching our youth how to live, walk, and grow in Christ. Some of the Youth Ministries include: Choir/musicians, Praise dancing (Praise in Motion), Mime Ministry (Gifted Hands), Tutoring, Hope Grows, Youth Ushers, Basketball/cheerleading, Teen talk, Summer camp, And much more!
Sis Shenneca Tilghman, stilghman@brighthopebaptist.org