New to Bright Hope

Welcome to the Bright Hope!

Thank you for visiting our Bright Hope Baptist Church website.  We thank God for your presence today and we know that it is God’s divine will for you to be visiting with us.  

We pray that something you read today will enrich your life.  

If this is your first time visiting our website, we invite you to join us in person as we glorify God through divine worship, service and witness.  If you are new to the area or do not have a church home, prayerfully consider becoming a member of the BRIGHT HOPE family.  

We are a growing Christian community who strives to spread the Good News of the Gospel to all who are willing to listen and learn through our teaching, preaching and example. We are encouraging you to share with your friends and family that Bright Hope is:

Agents of HOPE
We are Agents of HOPE serving the God of HOPE spreading the gospel of HOPE in love!


Thank you for joining us on our journey to grow in God’s grace.  We look forward to worshipping with you in the very near future.